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Senta Yamada & John Waite


Kikusui Kai

  • Kikusui Kai Aikido

    UK's first Tomiki Aikido group
  • Tomiki Aikido

    Japanese Aikido Association
  • London Aikido Dojo

    London's leading Aikido club
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Kikusui Kai Aikido - London

In London we have Aikido clubs that are part of the Kikusui Kai group, London Aikido Dojo, is a full Read More

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Kikusui Kai Aikido

Kikusui Kai Aikido

Welcome to the Kikusui Kai group. The UK’s first Tomiki Aikido group started in 1959 by Yamada sensei. John Waite was the first person in the UK to be awarded a Shodan in the Tomiki system of Aikido.

Kodokan Aikido Club

Kodokan Aikido Club is a London Based Kikusui Kai club which holds classes on Tuesday and Friday evenings in Wandsworth.

Kikusui Kai – New Zealand

Kikusui Kai Aikido

Kikusui Kai Aikido






Kikusui Kai – New Zealand –  When John Waite retired to New Zealand he started several Aikido classes in North Shore.

These classes are now run by Pepi Waite.